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Switched from Skt to BT

We were contacted by the switching team in June, to see if they could tempt us across. We told the switching team that we were in a contract with sky, we were then told its ok you can still switch and we will buy you out of your contract and pay any exit fees up to £300.00. I have just spoken with Sky as they never cancelled the TV package, only to be told that this cannot be cancelled and i will have to keep paying the £34.20 until June 2021. Your switching team have lied by saying we could do this. No early exit fees have been paid and we have not been bought out of our sky contract as stated. This is mis selling so i will be contacting the financial ombusman 

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Switched from Sky to BT

Was contacted by the BT Switching team back in June. We were tied into a contract with Sky which we stated at the time. We were told by BT that we could still leave Sky and they would cover any exit costs up to £300.00. So great stuff we switched. Sky emailed saying the broadband and phone would be switched. I called to cancel the TV and was told all done. I have checked my bank statements from August and i was credited £2.84. Sky have now in sept taken the full TV payment. So i have been on the phone to Sky and you are unable to exit your TV contract so now i have to pay for both. Tried to call BT 4 times today and each time i have been cut off. BT are miss selling a product, we were told BT would buy us out of the contract but this has never happened. I dont know what to do now as i cannot afford to pay for both packages.

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Re: Switched from Sky to BT

so your broadband and phone have been switched from SKY to BT?  you needed to cancel the sky TV yourself

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Re: Switched from Sky to BT

I tried to but sky will not let you cancel the TV package as you are tied into and they dont allow you to early exit or pay an early exit fee

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Re: Switched from Sky to BT

The terms of the switching offer is only for line and broadband, if you have TV, mobile or other services from the other provider, they will not be covered.
The full terms for the switching offer can be found Here 
BT can't cancel TV or mobile packages on your behalf, they can take over the phone line and you can't be charged twice for the same line, which is why the switch to BT stopped your Sky line and broadband agreement.

The terms that you agreed to with Sky do state you can't cancel Sky TV in a minimum term, that was an agreement you made with Sky, moving providers doesn't grant the new provider a way round the terms and conditions you agreed with Sky or any other company.

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Re: Switched from Sky to BT

How much did Sky say the early termination fees were for the phone/broadband part of the package would be ?,
Presumably when you accepted the switching offer , you had an idea of the potential exit fees, and even if you thought it included TV , would £300 have covered all the ETC’s ?
If the Sky TV alone is about £35 , with phone and broadband I would think it’s around £55-£60 , so £300 would only cover around 5 months anyway, even if it covered TV ( which it doesn’t ) so if the Sky contract for everything is until a June 2021, the ETC were likely to be £500+ so £300 wouldn’t have covered it anyway.
How does the offer work ?, if it’s up-to £300 rather than a £300 credit , presumably you have to send proof of what ETC Sky have charged you , and that’s what is credited to your account , are the phone and broadband ETC insignificant so you will get much less than £300 ?
Many people would switch the phone and broadband and keep Sky TV if the TV was still well inside the minimum term.

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Re: Switched from Sky to BT


Sky do allow you to cancel their TV service early, subject to paying an ETC which is based on your outstanding monthly subscription amount less VAT, less what it cost them to provide the service and this is then discounted to reflect that payment is in a lump sum rather than over the remaining time of your contract.

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Re: Switched from Sky to BT

What i am saying in this post, is that the switching team on the telephone stated that it would be fine to switch and we could cancel the TV with Sky. We told the advisor we were in contract and he said it could still be cancelled and the cost would be covered. Also i called an advisor on Wednesday and he advised that he had no idea that you couldnt cancel a sky TV package so there is no hope is there really, if your switching team could fool me, think what they could do to someone vulnerable.

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