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Switching from Sky to BT Infinity



Apologies if this is answered elsewhere on the site, but I had a search and couldn't see it and I would like an unbiased opinion.


I'm currently a BT phone user and am thinking of switching from my standard Sky broadband package to BT Infinity. I work from home all the time so really can't afford to be without a broadband connection for more than half a day. Can anyone explain the logistics of the actual switch i.e. assuming no problems how long it should take, what BT do and what I would have to do etc.


Having read some horror stores about other people's experiences I've got to admit I'm currently in two minds whether the switch would be worth the possible hassle.



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Re: Switching from Sky to BT Infinity

if eveything goes well then maybe an hour or so and probably most go like that.  however if you search the forum then you will find some horror stories of taking a week sometims far more to get conenction up and running again


If the internet is critical as you use it for work then you should consider a businees line with a far faster repair time as a residential line can take 3 working days after the day you report the fault and sometimes longer - and is not supposed to be used for business puposes

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Re: Switching from Sky to BT Infinity

My experience of repair times is the opposite. We have two buisness lines into the house here.  Jan 2013 tree fell on the line breaking it. It took BT 2 months to repair the business lines. Neighbours with residetial lines had thiers fixed in 48 hours.


It then took until last month to get the compensation paid. The whole thing was a shambles.

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Re: Switching from Sky to BT Infinity

@ malum

this post is not about line faults but a provider move from ADSL to fibre
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