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Switching phone number from Virgin to BT - too late?

Hi All.


I am currently with Virgin for phone and broadband, and will be getting BT phone and Infinity2 installed later this week.


I ordered online a while ago, and it's dawned on me I may not have selected the option to say I want to keep my existing phone number because I don't recall it asking me. I do really want to keep my existing number, and transfer it to BT.


I read a post on here, the user said that the engineer asked when he came to install if you want to keep your number.


So can I breathe easy, or do I need to cancel and start over?




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Re: Switching phone number from Virgin to BT - too late?

Phone BT sales on 0800800150 and ask them to arrange to port the number for you
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Re: Switching phone number from Virgin to BT - too late?

Thanks, I sent an email to the Cust Serv email via the BT website, and got a response "If you’re contacting us to get a piece of the action on Sport" etc which is nonsense, so I emailed back, and got a reply  "I can confirm that the we will completely take over on this date and Virgin service will be completely closed." (These quotes are copy & pasted from the emails!)


I also rang the 0800 800 150 number to check this means number port as well, and spoke to someone who, when I could get a word in, it took me 10 mins to convince I already had an order for Infinity2 I don't want to make a new one, I already have the BT Sport on my Sky TV, and no I am not looking to place an order for BT Vision - I want a simple answer to the question - can you port my number or not? Eventually he said that it can be ported, but then his computer froze and he's promised to call me back to confirm tomorrow.


If he calls, I'll be amazed.


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