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Switching to Infinity.

Hi. I just got informed today that Infinity is now available in my area. Hurrah! Thats after only 3 years of being told "coming soon". I am bit concerned though having read the problems others are having after switching.

However, my main question is, how much more does it cost on infinity compared to the standard broadband package?

I have unlimited calls. unlimited broadband and a BT TV box and paying about £42 a month.

Just a general idea is all i'm looking for. I can live with the £30 activation fee but i dont want to be paying a lot more every month when i get a pretty good speed at the moment as i live not far from the exchange.

Any help appreciated.

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Distinguished Sage
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Re: Switching to Infinity.

phone the options team and see what you get offered.  discounts on infinity a very small not like adsl  you are not forced to accept the offer when you phone  0800800030  they are uk based

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Re: Switching to Infinity.

I have a similar package to you and the extra cost worked out at around £5.
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