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We switched to BT on 31/3/20 but since then our line is dead and therefore we have no services at all. We took a full package including TV. We have been advised that due to India being in lockdown we won’t get any service until they return. Surely this isn’t true, if so I want to move back to Sky.  We are really struggling, please help! 

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Re: Switching


Openreach are no longer making visits until June. owing to the current crisis. This has nothing to do with India.

You should be getting dial tone on your phone, provided Openreach have disconnected the Sky equipment in the exchange, and connected you to the BT exchange equipment.

It would not be possible to move back to Sky, as you have transferred your service to BT Retail.


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Re: Switching

We have no dial tone, no service at all. What do we do? 

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Re: Switching

If you placed your order directly with BT, then they would inform Sky that you were moving to BT and Sky would then cease the line and allow BT to take it over.

If however you cancelled with Sky first, then contacted BT, there will be a pending cease on the line which means that it could take 10 days before service can be provided.

What did you actually do?


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Re: Switching

If you migrated to BT from Sky, as both use the same Openreach ‘connection’, then no home visit is necessary , the work required is done at the exchange ( that work is still being done ) so the question is why , if the Sky service has stopped, hasn’t the BT service started in its place, it could be your Sky service has been turned off by Sky, but a Openreach haven’t yet done the exchange work ( like a lot of company’s that are still at work, many staff are not ) so perhaps soon the work will get done, or the work in the exchange has been done, but something has gone wrong, or, you had ordinary broadband with Sky ( exchange based ) and are getting FTTC with BT , and that requires a visit to the cab as well as a visit to the exchange.
The ‘India’ situation as I understand it, could affect number portability , but that may not be the case...although difficult to get through, have you contacted BT as enquired what is going on ?, there are BT Mods on here that may offer to help, but in the current situation, solutions make take a while.

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Re: Switching

We went directly to BT. Now been advised that order order was cancelled somewhere in the background and unlikely to get any service until June. What a mess 😢
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Re: Switching

@Joe67 wrote:
We went directly to BT. Now been advised that order order was cancelled somewhere in the background and unlikely to get any service until June. What a mess 😢

If you ordered Superfast Fibre, then its possible that the fibre cabinet is full. You should have been offered another option, or at least have been given a working phone line.

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Re: Switching

No solution other than a 4g hub to let us use laptop/ipad. Not much I can do, but wait. Already had a poor service from BT with my husbands business, but put it down to a one off. Maybe need to rethink our service provider when this is all over
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Re: Switching

Hi @Joe67 sorry that your order has been cancelled and you have been left with no service. I've sent you a Private Message with details on how to contact the Mod team and we'll be happy to see if there is anything we can do to speed things up for you.