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Sync Issue

On 3rd June I added new folder in outlook, within Inbox. Also renamed another folder. Transfered files into these folders. Subsequent sync issue same evening seems to have lost added folder, reverted renamed folder to original and lost all relevant emails & important attachments. They appear to be nowhere in the system, on BT webmail or on my laptop. In the sync issues folder it shows sync issues in red, but does not include the emails. Can these be recovered within BT Intenet/Webmail. I now believe there were a number of local BT internet issues on 5th & 6th June. 

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Re: Sync Issue

Hi KeithC1

Sorry, you are experiencing this issue.

I've sent you a private message to look into this for you, we are working through a bit of a backlog but we can take a look.



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Re: Sync Issue

I just had a message asking if this is solved. No, it's not...... Only a message asking for basic personal info, to which I replied.....

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Re: Sync Issue

The moderators deal with requests for help on a first come first served basis. Your request will be in their mail stack and will be dealt with in turn. They are extremely busy at present and are taking longer than normal to respond but they will get to you.

The email you have received is an automated email that gets sent out. Just ignore it.

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