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Synchronising Sent messages to Outlook

I'd have thought mine is a fairly common question, but I've not managed to find a specific answer on the Forum


I generally access my emails from my PC using Outlook as a client.  My wife now has an I phone, and whilst on holiday I accessed my emails using that.  By leaving all received (and useful!) emails in my Inbox, I was able to synchronise them into the Inbox in Outlook on our return.  My question is, how do I similarly synchronise the emails in my Sent folder from the BTYahoo Mail Server down to the Outlook Sent Folder on my PC


I thought I would be clever and simply move the Sent Messages across to the Inbox and synchronise from there.  However Outlook treats them as a new message and puts today's date on them!  How can I maintain the original date info so that Outlook sorts them into the correct order


As you can probably tell, I am not very computer literate, so please could you keep your responses simple!


Many thanks

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