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Syncing problems

I am having problems with my email account syncing between my iPad and iMac. My iPad and iPhone seem to be talking to each other but when I read or delete emails on the iPad they are still unread or not deleted on my iMac. This has been happening only in the last week. Is this a glitch or is it something to do with settings at my end?

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Re: Syncing problems

You need to check the email app settings on the devices to make sure that both devices have been set up as IMAP email accounts.

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Re: Syncing problems

Both my iPad and iPhone are set up as IMAP accounts. How do I check my iMac is set up like that as well? Should I just delete the account and set it up again?

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Re: Syncing problems

If the iPhone and iPad are both IMAP and are synching then the problem would appear to be with your iMac. 

I am not an Apple user so I can not advise how to check your iMac but I would suspect that if you are using an email app as against a web browser it would be in a similar manner to how you checked your iPhone.

If you do decide to delete the account from your iMac and set it up again you should first check that all your emails are still on the BT servers by logging onto your email account using a web browser. If they are showing on your iPad/iPhone it should mean that they are on the BT server but it is best to check just to be sure.

If you do set it up again make sure that you do it manually and not using the email app's wizard and select IMAP. The setting you will need are as per this link.

What are the settings for outgoing and incoming BT Email servers? | BT Help

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Re: Syncing problems

In Mail, go to Mail on menu bar, preferences ,accounts, click on the BT account and select server settings.


If  "automatically manage  server settings" is ticked, untick and provide details as per previous reply.

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Re: Syncing problems

I'm using BT webmail on the computer

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Re: Syncing problems

posted in error!

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Re: Syncing problems

I'm not following what you are telling me to do at all! I was going to post some screen shots so you could see what I am seeing on my iMac screen but I'm getting an error message telling me my screen shots are too big!!!

Not my day, I think!

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Re: Syncing problems

When you check your email on your iMac are you using a web browser? If so you can not change the settings on the browser. You can only change the server settings if you are using an email client/app.

If you are using a web browser, when you send an email does it show in the sent folder on all your devices?

When you receive an email does it show on all devices?

What email app are you using on your iPad/iPhone?

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Re: Syncing problems

Yes, I'm using Firefox

Yes, sent emails appear in the sent box on both devices, and received email show up on everything as well.

It's just that if I read an email on my iPad it doesn't show as read on my computer. Also if I delete an email on my iPad it isn't deleted on my computer.

I haven't tried emptying the trash to see if the posts disappear on the iMac though.

As for the email app on my iPad/Phone: I have no idea. It's whatever the devices use when I first installed the accounts. I presume it is some sort of Apple mail thingy.

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