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Synergy 3105 Base reset to default - tech. Expert reply!

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Hi, I've had my Synergy 3105 for years and for me (with decent 1100mAh re-chargeable) it has been a great system i want to keep.


However Handset 2(HS2) developed a display problem then a catastrophic fault. I managed to get 3 more Synergy 3105 handsets then hit a problem registering them to the base station.


Because HS2 is faulty and effectively a 'lost' handset, the base station still thinks it is there, I cannot remove it because the original handset is faulty. Therefore, I can only register 4 handsets.


Does anybody know how I can reset the base station back to default, so it will forget everything it knows about the previous handset registrations?


I think I read that these units are supplied with a pre-registered Handset 1. As default. I am also curious to know if Handset 1 gets lost or is inoperable?


I suspect there may be a power up reset sequence using the base station 'page' button - but I haven't found it yet.


First correct answer gets the prize, because I think others having problems registering replacement phones and getting the 'searching' message may not realise what is going on (previous handsets still allocated).


Thanks - Vox

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Re: Synergy 3105 Base reset to default - tech. Expert reply!

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OK after some playing about I think I hit on the base station reset sequence, without making an expensive support phone call:


1. Remove 1 battery from each handset.

2. Power off the base station.

3. Hold down the 'Page' button.

4. Power on, keep holding down 'page' button.

5. Get 2 beeps, just as you get when registering.

6. Then you get a long tone.

7. Release 'page' button

8. Replace battery in first handset and select register to start handset scanning.

9. Press and hold page on the base station until you hear two beeps.

10. After 2 or 3 seconds, the handset should now be registered as HS1.

Repeat for the remaining handset and make sure the handsets register in sequence - HS2,3,4,5.


If a handset registers but skips one in the sequence - e.g HS2 followed by HS4, repeat resetting the base station and try again because the base station still thinks HS3 is present and registered.


Of course, if you haven't broken or lost a handsets that were previously registered like I did, then it doesn't really matter what order they register as long as they all are.



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Re: Synergy 3105 Base reset to default - tech. Expert reply!

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That was a useful post for resetting a base station to default settings, however it does create a problem.


It leaves the Handsets orphaned and they themselves need a reset.


I have 3 Synergy 3105 base stations for different lines in my house, all worked well and I was able to register 4 handsets with each of the three base stations as Base1  Base2 & Base 3 ( Each hanset support up to 4 base stations).


I had six handsets, two for each base station and all worked well for a while.



I had the same problem of the screens giving up and somehow I lost or forgot the passwords.


So I did the reset you prescribe for BASE1 which was fine for a NEW handset but now EXISTING Handsets see the reset base unit as a brand new one and are orphaned from the BASE1 station they WERE connected to .


I have no way of deleting the Handset from the BASE1 as it requires a Pin I do not have and a base station to connect to that no longer exists.


So if I do the reset you suggest I will have to buy new handsets as these orphaned handsets can only connect to one more Base station.


What I need is some sort of Key sequence that resets a handset to Factory but does not require a Pin



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Re: Synergy 3105 Base reset to default - tech. Expert reply!

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I do not know how they store the presets. If it is in voltile RAM, then removing the batteries and leaving them out and shorting the phone battery terminals for some hours may put it back to default no PIN. If settings are stored in non-volatile RAM, then I suspect you will have to find out the secret factory setting to clear any preset PIN. After all, it is supposed to be a security feature!


I shall be giving up on mine soon, because the LCD displays are not reliable. I left one in my garage and I think the cold weather has killed the display.

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Re: Synergy 3105 Base reset to default - tech. Expert reply!

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I have the same issue with my BT 6500 system 

I have 2 faulty handsets so brought 2 more but can only register one ( (total of 5) so can't register the other one.

cant reset base as system says not available

bit stuck now

Any ideas


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