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TD-W9970 - Router on 1st floor. Ground floor wifi is fine, 2nd floor wifi is unusable.

Hi there,


Bought a TD-W9970 a few months ago, replacing a BT homehub. The router is located bang in the middle of the house, on the 1st floor on the floor. The ground floor rooms don't have any problems, and my computer plugged in by ethernet is constantly fine. But the top floor has massive problems with a slow, pretty much unusable speed. There are certain occasions where all devices connected by wifi suffer internet problems, but my computer via ethernet doesn't.


The strange thing is we didn't have this problem with the BT homehub. The people on the top floor had fine access to the internet. What's going on? Does the TD-W9970 have a much worse range or something? There isn't anything physically in the way of the upstairs rooms that the downstairs room doesn't also have.


I really, really, don't want to switch back to the Homehub.

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Re: TD-W9970 - Router on 1st floor. Ground floor wifi is fine, 2nd floor wifi is unusable.

Try changing the wireless channel. If you have got access to an Android phone, there a loads of app to check for channels. There is very good free app from Netgear on the Google Play Store called Netgear Analytics.

Go upstairs and see what channel is the clearest, and set the TP Link wireless to that channel.

Wireless interference is the most common cause of a slow speed.

There is very little difference between routers, as they all have the same power output. Its more likely that another nearby wireless router has appeared on the same channel, so the home hub would suffer with the same problem.

If interference  or poor signal really becomes a problem, then you could always add an additional hotspot device, like the BT mini hotspot 600.

If you do decide to try one of those, there is a slight modification you need to do to its settings.

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