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TP Link 701 and HH2

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Hi – due to poor reception / dropouts, I have replaced my old HH2 (which used a TPLink 701, Version 1 as a repeater) with a new HH2 and I am trying to get TP Link to work with the new HH2 (again, as a repeater, as before).


I have been following Keith Beddoe’s notes (which I used to configure the TP link originally), so I set my PC to fixed ip address, Subnet, started by resetting the TP Link (to wipe any old settings) and I have uploaded his configuration files such that the TP link now has an address


TP Link is set to Wireless repeater


In the TP LInk's Wireless security I have selected WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK (per the HH2), left the version as Automatic, Encryption as AES and added the wireless key for the new HH2. Saved & rebooted.


When I press the Survey button I see the HH2’s SSID with a strong signal (I have placed the TP link quite close to the HH for initial set up), but when I press “Connect”the window immediately closes and nothing seems to happen. Going to Wireless statistics confirms I am not repeating.


I cannot see what I am doing wrong !


Can anyone please help – I am an absolute novice and this sort of kit, with the techie words above only repeated from Keith’s notes so please do not assume any computer knowledge at all ! .


Many thanks for any help you can give.


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Re: TP Link 701 and HH2

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Hi - I have now spoken to TP Link tech helpline and problem sorted.



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