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TP Link Archer VR2600 as replacement for HH5/HH6

Originally when I signed up for Infinity I was sent a HH5B. To start with it would keep the connection stable for weeks at download sync rate of 37Mbps. I always had issues with WiFi on the HH5B, but not so long ago it started to drop the connection every few days.


I decided to take up offer on the HH6. WiFi on the HH6 was much more stable than the HH5, but I was syncing only at 31Mbps, rather than the normal 37Mbps.


A week ago or so, I decided to do what I should have done when I first got Infinity, purchase my own modem router.

After some research I decided on the TP Link Archer VR2600. It isn't cheap, but the performance difference between the Archer VR2600 and the Homehubs is night and day.


My connection is back up to 37Mbps, WiFi is solid, and even the WiFi range is better than the HH6. LAN performance is also better.


Setup to connect to Infinity is simple, just select BT VDSL as the provider and adding as a broadband user name and BT as the password. 


I dont have BT TV, but this should also work fine, as there is an option to select one of the LAN ports for IPTV.


I will of course hold onto one the Homehubs, just incase I run into any issues with my connection, as I believe BT tech support insist on a Homehub being used for diagnostics.

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Re: TP Link Archer VR2600 as replacement for HH5/HH6


The broadband user name should of course be, and not as in my first post.
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Re: TP Link Archer VR2600 as replacement for HH5/HH6

Or to be pedantic, it can be Smiley Wink

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Re: TP Link Archer VR2600 as replacement for HH5/HH6

to Velocity


Have you tried port forwarding successfully with the VR2600? I had my IPcams setup fine with my HH3 but I cannot open the relevant ports when using the vr2600. I have contacted the tp-link support who have been no help, it is slow to get anywhere as they must be in China and only reply at 2am uk time. I have wasted hours of time trying to get the ports to open and researching on the internet about the problem, setting up the HH3 was straight forward. 


It doesn't inspire confidence when their fault ticket system doesn't even work.


Personally in my old house the VR2600 is no better than the HH3 for range.

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