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TP-Link WR841N hangs after about 3 days



I'm new to this forum and hope someone can help.


I recently gained Infinity after having painfully slow 0.7mb/s BT internet and have replaced the BT HH3 with a TP-Link WR841N connected thru' the WAN port to the BT modem - Router A, this is also wirelessly bridged to another TP-Link WR841N, Router B.  Both have a couple of wired systems connected and all generally works well along with wireless laptops, PS3 and phones etc connecting off and on.  Router A also has a Vodafone Suresignal connected.


After about three days, Router A, the main gateway seems to hang, the system light becomes solid instead of flashing and although I can still access the internet from any system, I can't connect to the router via the web page admin from any system connected to either Router A or B.  I have No-IP DNS set up and can't access Router A from the internet either.  Because I can't access Router A I can't see any system logs to determine exactly when or why it seems to have hung.  I cycle the power and all is well again. 


I have swapped Router A for Router B etc and I get the same fault so I don't believe its a router hardware fault.  I also have the hang if I disconnect the Vodafone SureSignal so don't believe its that causing the problem.  Both routers have the latest 120201 firmware for router hardware v7.


Any ideas as its now becoming very irritating, also I can't find any reference to a similar problem on the web.


Thnaks for any help - Garry C



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Re: TP-Link WR841N hangs after about 3 days

is the log getting full?
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Re: TP-Link WR841N hangs after about 3 days

Aah, good point I'll turn off logs and give it a try, thanks


Looks like I can only control what is shown in logs so am concerned it could still fill the log, is it possible to turn off logging on these routers or do the controls actually limit what is logged.  I'll also try clearing the logs twice a day to see whats in there and keep them small.

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Re: TP-Link WR841N hangs after about 3 days

I have the same router except mined the ND I have never had it hang, but the your using 2 so the problem may ly there.

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Re: TP-Link WR841N hangs after about 3 days

Hii, I had the same problem, and it was very frustrating. i too downloaded latest firmware from TP-Link , but still the same issue persisted. FINALLY here is the SOLUTION. for all TP LINK Users having this issue (and there are many). I downloaded and upgraded the firmware from and its running fantastic. Its been running nonstop since the installation. Its a linux based firmware for Atheros based CPU developed for TP LInk (and Others) Routers. You will have to search for your Router in their Router Database. and follow the procedure. i.e download the .bin files and upgrade firmware. Believe me, there will not be the issue again. F*** TP-LINK and their Firmware.
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Re: TP-Link WR841N hangs after about 3 days

I bought a mains timer plug from Argos for a fiver which reboots the router at 3 a.m. every day - no more hangs.
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