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TP Link Wireless Extender


I'm trying to boost the Infinity HH5 signal throughout the house (never get full bars outside of the main hub room).  I have subsequently purchased a TP Link AV500 Powerline Extender - with the simple instructions of just "Plug and Play".

Well I plugged and nothing happened.  I have used WPS to couple the device with the HH5 and then plugged it into the socket, once that occurs all connections drop out.  My laptop reverts to Local Connection only and I cannot connect at all on my iPhone and iPad ( I can still see the SSID fine).


I can connect to the Extender using the utility software and that is saying it is all connected fine - but it's obviously interfering with the HH5 wireless signal somehow.  I have contacted TP support but though I would also contact the experts on this forum to see if anyone has experience of using these devices with the HH5


PS. I have different SSID names for the 2 channels 2.4 and 5GHz and the powerline seems to be picking up the 2.4ghz one.


Many thanks



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Re: TP Link Wireless Extender

Alright, let's go through some basics before we figure out what's causing the issue.

Have you tried changing the channel on the Hub and the extender to both different channels and make sure they're not interfering with anything else?

Have you tried using other devices to connect to the extender?

Have you given the extender a different SSID?

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Re: TP Link Wireless Extender

OK I've just set up a TP link extender (AV500) the same as yours - actually set up 2 of them. Here's what I did - note that I didf not have to go into the HH5 set up at all!


1.  Make sure you have a connection to the HH5.


2. Plug the TP link extender into a mains socket close to the HH5 - note a mains socket not a multi socket extension lead.


3. Connect the TP link extender to one end of an ethernet cable.


4. Connect the other end of the ethernet cable into one of the LAN sockets on the HH5.


5. Press the WPS on top of the HH5 for 2 to 3 secs.


6. Within 2 minutes press the WPS button on the TP link extender for 2 to 3 secs (certainly less than 10 secs or you will reset it). Then don't do anything else for at least 2 minutes while the 2 pieces of equipment negotiate with each other - if you don't wait then you will need to start again.


7. Disconnect the ethernet cable from the extender and the HH5.


8. Unplug the extender and take it to where you need the wifi extending and plug it into a mains socket (again preferably not an extension lead).


That's it. You do not need to alter any settings on anything - the extender will have the same WPA settings etc as the HH5 and the same password setting so if what you need to connect to the new network has already been wirelessly connected to the HH5 then it will connect without problem to the extender.


Hopethis helps.


Edit - note that the TPlink extender works only on the 2.4 GHz band and not the 5GHz band. If you have deselected the lower frequency band on the HH5 then you will never get the extender working.

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Re: TP Link Wireless Extender

Thank you both for your replies. I was told by TP link Support that I would need at least 2 TP Link devices. One linked via Ethernet to the HH5, and the wireless extender. The Amazon "help" questions made it look like one would work on its own! So feel pretty dumb now.

Anyway, I dug out my TP Link 211 hooked that up, paired it with the wireless extender (it had to be right next to the 211 to do this), gave the extender a new network SSID (although I was told by TP support I didn't need to do this), and now, it's working fine ! Although the range from the extender isn't as strong I had hoped. Sitting outside in a range of about 15 feet it becomes very weak.
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