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TP-Link and IPv6

People who've seen earlier posts on this subject may be aware that the VR600 (version 1) handles IPv6 in a rather clumsy way out of the box but that there's a beta firmware available from TP-Link Support which sorts out those issues. I've been chasing the company for a while as to when the beta firmware will be made public and have been told in the past that they were waiting to roll up a number of other improvements in the new firmware.


Today I heard from TP-Link UK Support that they've decided that they are now not going to publish revised firmware for the VR600 v1, as it's considered 'end of line', and that they are focusing now on v2. Which is disappointing news - and rather puzzling, given that they have a beta version which seems to work fine as far as IPv6 is concerned. So why not put it on the website?


I don't know what the implications are for other models like the VR400 and VR900 (although I could guess) but as far as the VR600 is concerned, it doesn't seem to me to be very easy to distinguish betwen versions 1 and 2. For example, the VR600 currently on sale on Amazon - and, indeed, on TP-Link's own UK website - seems at a quick look to be indistinguishable from my version 1.



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Re: TP-Link and IPv6

Sort of expected I think going on past history. I am disappointed I did raise issues with them about some bugs with the beta firmware which have not been resolved.


I believe when it comes time to replace all the tp-link gear I use, I will be looking for better supported alternatives.

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Re: TP-Link and IPv6

I agree with what Oddius09 is saying.  If the TP-Link had done things properly and actually tested in the real world the IPv6 problem should not have arisen.  Other manufacturers can have fully functional IPv6 'out of the box', after all IPv6 has been known about for around 20 years.  Some makers like Billion, have had working IPv6 for at least 5 years.  Confirmed to work properly are Asus, DrayTek, FritzBox, Ubiquiti, there will be others,  they fully support IPv6 as delegated by ISPs.

If someone has knowledge of other makes that have proper IPv6 support out of the box, they may want to add the names here and give us a better idea of what's available.

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