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TV Recontract Question

I have what may be a strange question for one of the wise Admin's. I am now due to recontract all of my BY services. I currently have entertainment plus. So I recieve Eurosport. I have no need for Now TV right now as I have a huge amount of credit on an existing now TV account courtesy of Tesco clubcard vouchers.

So my intention is to re contract the broadband and BT sport at a negotiated cost. However I am happy to keep the existing BTTV package even at full price (£12). So my question is - will I be forced to recontract the TV or can I keep the existing package rolling independent of the BB/phone and BT sport? Many thanks.

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Re: TV Recontract Question

You can recontract the broadband for a discount, you can't recontract the Entertainment Plus or BT Sport on BTTV for a discount.
Your TV and BT Sport would be the standard cost when your existing discounts end.

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Re: TV Recontract Question

Hi Richie, thanks for the reply. So the Sport is tied to the TV? I thought it was a standalone product. Thanks

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Re: TV Recontract Question

BT Sport on BT TV has always been an addon to the BT TV package you have, in your case that's Entertainment Plus.
Entertainment Plus in now classed as a legacy package, so you can remain on it but can't make any changes, this includes the BT Sport addon.

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