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TV apps will no longer work with some 1st generation YouView boxes


Please note that from the 31st March 2020, YouView will be withdrawing support for some 1st generation YouView boxes and Sony TVs with YouView built-in, which means that remote record will no longer be available from any TV app, including the BT TV app.  These include the following:


BT supplied set-top box

  •  DTR-T1000 (As a BT TV customer you may have this model of the set-top box)

Non-BT set-top box

  • DTR-T1010 (sold on the high street)
  • DN370T (Talk Talk provided set-top box)


A new box is included with all new BT TV subscription packages, and you can keep your current box to watch any existing recordings.  Find out more at BT TV options.  If you have one of the above models, then you will not be able to pair your set-top box with the BT TV app and set remote recordings. 

The BT TV app now supports all YouView providers so even if you are not a BT TV customer our TV app can still be used.  Below are instructions on pairing the BT TV app with supported set-top boxes, including non-BT supplied equipment        

BT TV app pairing


If your device is supported but cannot be found or is failing to pair with the BT TV app, please try the following:

  1.  Restart this device, your TV box, your internet router, and anything that is used to connect them together - e.g. powerline adapters, network switches, Wi-Fi repeaters.
  2.  Wait for all the devices to finish restarting before then trying again.
  3.  If you're still unable to complete pairing, you may need to reset the software on your box - don't worry, this can be done without losing your existing recordings. Simply follow the steps for your specific box, shown on the help site: How do I reset my BT TV box? Choose the "Factory Reset, keep recordings" option from the Maintenance Mode menu.  For non-BT set-top box instructions please visit YouView's site here, Using maintenance mode


If you're still unable to pair your TV  set-top box with the BT TV app, then please create a post here on the BT Community as someone may be able to help.  The moderators will also be around for support. 

If you are a Talk Talk customer, then an update will be required before the BT TV app will pair with your box.  In this instance please contact Talk Talk to discuss further as BT will not be able to apply the update for you