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TV package upgrade gone wrong

On 5th October I did re-contracted to new 18 months deal, on basis that my Entertainment Plus package will get upgraded to Total Entertainment. With Infinty 1 I was advised my monthly payments will be £38 plus yearly Line Rental Saver fee. New box arrived promptly and new contract did started on 9th October.


For weeks I couldn't get access to 4k UHD Sport channel and it took several weeks of phone calls to eventually get it sorted. At the end I was able to watch sport in 4k and almost all looked good. The difference was that my dashboard was showing Total Ent. and I was billed for Ent. Plus. After yet another call I was advised that this will get rectified on next bill.


Yesterday I went to renew my Line Rental Saver package and I got the message that I still have open order, so when phoned today first advisor told me this open upgrade order will get cancel and within 1 hour I will be able to place new order using even better Black Friday's deals price. Unable to do so online I had to phone once again and this time I've been told I no longer have any contract with BT.

I was then passed to Customer Options and told by advisor that he is unable to place order for TV package, but he could go ahead with just broadband for £31 plus Line Rental Saver fee. If I add the cost of TV package to this it looks like double price nearly what I've been promised on 5th Ocotber. I believe the fault has been created and will take several days to be resolved, which is not ideal due to renewal date coming soon.


To sum up all it seems like one big mess up and I'm already fed up. Anybody can advise what I can do in this situation? Can I just cancel a lot and go somewhere?



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