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Tale of Woe...

I moved house on the 1st of July, which is when BT disconnected my line and broadband. Actually, they disconnected my broadband, by mistake, on the 22nd of June - but that's another story. I was told I could expect a new line to be installed fairly quickly, even although we now live in a new development. I was given an installation date for the 19th of July. However, the day before, the engineer cancelled. I then got a call from BT Openreach, to say that before they could install a line, they needed to dig up the road and install a new junction box. Since then, I have had weekly texts saying that they do not know when they can install the line.


Despite this, I have continued to receive bills from BT, for both line rental and broadband. I have lost count of the number of times I have called, to be reassured that (a) the line is coming, and (b) a new bill will be issues. On 12th August, I'd had enough. I called VirginMedia, who said they could install a new line on the 23rd of August. I emailed, and wrote to BT, stating that given their inability to provide me with a telephone line and internet connection since 1st July, and the poor appalling customer service, I was cancelling all outstanding orders. I requested a full and final bill. I received an acknowledgement via email, (reference 130810-000731). I then received a telephone call on 14th August from BT customer services team, wherein I reiterated that I was cancelling all orders and leaving BT.


Today, just after VirginMedia installed my new line (yay!), I received a call from the BT overseas call centre. The operative was calling to apologise for the continued delay in installing my line! He was quite surprised to find out that I had cancelled the order, and stated that there was no indication to this effect on his system. Coming on top of the saga of miscommunication since the beginning of June, this turn of events only serves to reinforce my opinion that communication within BT is non-existent. Indeed, my account is still active when I access this online. What does it take to have someone within BT actually follow through with a written, and verbal, instruction to cancel?


I wonder if the mods here are able to close my account, as no-one at BT seems able, or bothered, to do so!

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Re: Tale of Woe...

Hi Grtanner,


Once the BTCare Team (Mods) have read your post, they may offer you their support.



jac_95 | Help Site | BT Service Status
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Re: Tale of Woe...

Hi Grtanner


I can have this looked into for you.


Send me an email using the contact the mods link in my profile you will find this in the section 'About Me'.





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