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Talk21 email account

Can someone advise if something has changed around 1st mar. with the emails

I am having trouble getting my emails to send or receive as i used to up till this point though they seem to be forwarding to    

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Re: Talk21 email account

How are you accessing your email account. Is it by using an email client/app or using a web browser?

Can you log onto the email account using a web browser? If not try using the following format as your username when trying to log on via the BT logon page:-

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Re: Talk21 email account

Using website on my laptop only i can only login using the xxxx@talk21......using my iPhone just seems a non starter now-nothing works no matter what settings the apple email client--even on the website on the phone is a no go-doesn't recognise password or account
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Re: Talk21 email account

Are you a BT Broadband customer or paying for your email account via a BT Premium email account.

If you are neither of the above your email account will have been downgraded to a BT Basic email account and this can not be accessed using an email client/app.

See link about BT email products.

BT Email products | Types of BT Emails | BT Help

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