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Talk21 log in problem on Macbook

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I can access my BT email on my iphone, ipad and Windows desktop.  The other day I tried accessing on my Macbook Pro which is a piece of kit I only use when I go on holiday - so it hasn't been used for a year or so! 

My emails were only current to a year or so ago and I got a message telling me to login - start of a long saga!  I tried logging in using alchadxxxx" and alchadxxxx.t21" and got rejected every time. Although the Macbook software was updated to the latest version for my oldish Macbook ( Catalina), I figured that maybe it was an issue with the Macbook software so merrily tried an erase and fresh install. This was a BIG mistake as I then discovered that the software only installs online to the original version it was bought with (Mountain Lion)!  and "software" update on the Macbook with Lion installed resulted in an error message. Much Googling later and finally a chat with Apple Support and I was given a link to article which took me through the steps of downloading superseded versions of the software before I could eventually reinstall Catalina!!

So having done all this, when I came to the installation part where I get asked to set up my email account I still couldn't login in.

Have to say I'm pretty baffled, any advice much appreciated.




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Re: Talk21 log in problem on Macbook

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OK, solved the problem so I thought I'd post the solution for others....

Basically phone BT and select the email problem option!

I got though to an incredibly helpful and patient gentleman  - I think by the name of Archie from Forfar?? - If any BT management monitor this community, please search this guy out and give him a bonus!

As to what the actual problem was, I'm not exactly sure, it could have been that I had two different passwords for my BTID and my BT email. We ended up by resetting them to a single password and  all my devices have their emails working.

Once again, thanks BT and Archie.