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Talk21 password reset

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I have been using a account for many years along side a account. Both have been perfect all this time running on apple devices.

i recently received an email telling me my btinternet setup would need updating to continue to receive my email.  When trying to change these settings it failed due to a bad username or password.  So I dutifully went to the bt web site and changed my password.

i can now login via webmail online to my btinternet account (thumbs up) however my talk21 account has now failed.

When I try to change my talk21 account it tells me it was successful and to login but it fails to accept the password AND my btinternet account now fails.

this has been a recurring problem all week.

i believe I now understand why my btinternet account fails and that is due to the resetting of my talk21 account password.  The password I enter appears to apply itself to the wrong email account.  Ie  I can login to my btinternet account with my new talk21 password but not my talk21 account.

can anyone please tell my how to reset my talk21 account password without compromising my btinternet account?

Both accounts have been deleted from my devices and one is turned off to stop possible syncing or locks. I am currently trying to make both work via the bt webmail only (one step at a time).

Anyone out there with a solution?



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Re: Talk21 password reset

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Try the following.

If your 'talk21' address is "" try using ""

Your email address has not been changed so you do not need to notify your contacts, it is just so that it gets recognised on the BT servers.

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Re: Talk21 password reset

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You’re a star.

From the bt site when I click to change the password for my talk21 account I used the .t21@btin... instead of and hey presto I now have two accessible email accounts.

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