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Tearing my hair out trying to register and use BT FON

My HUB says I'm part of the "BT FON WiFi community" (by browsing to bthomehub.home then select services and BT FON)

BUT the web site says I have opted out

Your BT FON account details

BT Broadband Option:BT Yahoo! Homemover
BT FON Wi-Fi community status:Opted Out

I have to say I don't understand the"BT Yahoo! Homemover" bit,  my account details say I have "Product BT Total Broadband Option 1"


When I connect to an Openzone hotspot and try to logon to FON/BT Openzone both when I try to access from a login web page or when I use the BT FON app on my [android] mobile I get the message "Login Failed, possibly because your username and password are incorrect", but they are not incorrect,  I know these passwords and can use them to access my BT Yahoo account details and I have tried to re-enter the details several times to make ABSOLUTELY sure this is not a typo.... 


Please help.  Is there something wrong with the way my account is set up??




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Re: Tearing my hair out trying to register and use BT FON

I think there are two issues here which should not be confused. Opting into FON allows access to 'FON' hotspots and public shared Wi-Fi (from the owners HUB) but it doesn't necessarily allow access to BT Openzone hot spots (Option 3 gives you free access to Openzone Hotspots) and opting into FON allows access to user provided hotspots.

I would try opting back in to FON to see what happens.

Opting in allows BT to set up your HUB as a FON Hotspot (broadcasts as Openzone) but if as in my case you swap out one BT Hub for another (Hub1 to Hub 2) then it doesn't always follow that they'll actually enable the HUB. But that doesn;t prevent you using other hotspots, it just prevents others  using your hub for this.

I would check whether Option 1 provides any 'free' Openzone minutes.

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Re: Tearing my hair out trying to register and use BT FON

Thanks Bob but - Once opted-in to BT FON regardless of the BT Broadband Option* you have chosen, you will automatically be able to use unlimited** minutes to use the internet when you are in range of BT FON and BT Openzone access points.

I've tried opting out but when I try to opt back in submitting an opt in either gets a "resubmission error" or a "server busy, please try later" error
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