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Technical Issues and Absolutely Woeful Service

I recently signed up to BT Broadband and I have to say it is the worse service that I have ever received.


The problem was that BT Sport would not activate for Sky TV/online player/app and I also could not log into BT wifi hotspots. I rang the helpline last night, and spoke to a poorly trained and incompetent Indian lady. It was evident she had not even received the most rudimentary customer service training. The most basic courtesies such as apologising for putting me on hold or thanking me for waiting were not offered. I would be put on hold and then taken back off with an abrupt question or instruction fired at me. The whole experience was made worse as we both struggled to understand each other and it was just painful. I'm not necessarily against Indian call centres, but there should not be these cultural gulfs between staff and customers that renders communication so difficult.


The extent of the lady’s technical support was to log in remotely to my computer and try the activation steps for BT Sport (which I had tried numerous times without success) on two different browsers. This took her nearly an hour and didn't work. At one point, she said she needed to access an email that had been sent to the email account of the account holder. This is my wife's account and so I logged into it for her. The lady then had a poke around but couldn't find the email in question. My wife later got very angry that a) the woman had requested access to a personal email account and b) that I had let her. On reflection, my wife was right. Her email account has all kinds of sensitive personal and financial information. Is this standard procedure for BT staff? It's an absolute joke and a serious threat to customers' security.


Anyway, over an hour later, and the lady couldn't resolve the issue. She said she needed to 'raise a case' and somebody would ring me back in 24 - 48 hours. Today, I thought I would give it another try. I spoke to a Northern Irish guy who was great. It made me very grateful just to be able to communicate clearly and easily with a member of staff. He got BT Sport on my Sky TV within a couple of minutes. Again, great. I presumed this now meant it would be sorted on the internet player and app, which, it subsequently turned out, it was not. To get the issue with me be being unable to log in to wifi hotspots resolved, he had to transfer me to another department.


Back to India. I explained to this woman that I could log into the BT website and the BT Sport web player (it just wouldn't activate), but not the hotspots. After being put on hold for a while, she informed me that I didn't have a BT ID. I thought that was strange because I can log into the website fine, but she said a BT ID is a BT internet address and that she would create one for me, which she did. It worked, I could now log into the BT wifi hot spots.

Since the end of that call, however, I have now discovered I am no longer able to log into the website (to check my bill etc) with either my original log-in details or the new one the girl created for me. Same thing for the web player and app (which won't activate, anyway). Again this whole procedure took over an hour.


So now, after two hours-plus of telephone calls, I have managed to get BT Sport on my TV and can log into the wifi hotspots. I cannot, however, log into the website or watch BT Sport online or on the android app. The whole thing has just been incredibly time-consuming and frustrating. BT's customer service is so ineffectual and incompetent that I cannot handle another telephone call, and I’m seriously considering cancelling if I can be bothered to go through the whole rigmarole of doing so.

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Re: Technical Issues and Absolutely Woeful Service

Hi Chimneybottler,


Welcome to the community forum. Reading your post it does sound like you have had a bit of a nightmare. I'll be able to help you with your complaint. Please send me in your details using the "Contact The Mods" link found in my profile.





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Re: Technical Issues and Absolutely Woeful Service

I've had exactly the same issues - I am actually utterly exhausted after spending over 5 hours on the 'phone to various Indians. Many of whom have clearly been very eager to please, but unable to do anything. At present I am unable to log into myBT. This issue is clearly related to people who have moved between accounts without changing email addresses. I had BT dial up, which I then up graded to broadband. I then sold my house, so signed up to premium mail to keep same addess, then went back to BT phone / broadband when I bought my new place.


I have been bombarded with emails to register for myBT. When I finally got logged on yesterday, there were clearly 2 accounts associated with my name. One of these got deleted, still was not the user. Very nice guy said he thought it would be sorted out. This AM - can't log into anything. Had to contact helpline to get access to email. They sent me a link to log onto myBT which connected me to premium mail account. Transferred to another departement. To be honest it all got so condfusing that I've no idea what's going on. Waiting for a link which will supposedly let me back into myBT.


So...end result still can't access WiFi etc. and have wasted a huge amount of time on the 'phone.


Thing that amazes me is that there are several threads on here relating to the same issue, it is clearly associated with people who have had multiple accounts. I ended up reading posts from here to the on line help people!!


Don't know what the answer is....I have zero confidence that I will ever be able to access the mobile WiFi. Be interested to know how many people have managed this . BT will stick you with a £30 cancellation fee too.





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Re: Technical Issues and Absolutely Woeful Service

Hi StuMacWilson,

Thanks for posting. I can look into this for you if you wish. Drop me an email with the details. You'll find the "contact us" form in the about me section of my profile. 



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