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Technika remote code

Hi, I have a 24" Technika TV/dvd combo and I'm struggling to locate the remote code for it so as to connect my TV box remote to the TV. 

I've followed the guides on and used the codes as well as many others from other online sources with no luck. Reset the remote and started again and still no luck, the remote operates the set top box fine. 

Any help gratefully received. 

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Re: Technika remote code

If the codes for Technika don't work, then you could try Tesco Support and, if necessary ask them who manufactured your model,

Failing that, try the codes for Orion, Alba, Bush, JVC or Ferguson

Orion (  are not very well known in this country but they manufacture a lot of TV's, some they badge with their own name, others they badge Alba, Bush, JVC, Ferguson and I wouldn't be surprised if they build some for Technika as well.

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