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Technology and the way forward

Hi all,


I’m lucky enough to have a 2 year old toddler running around the house (sigh!!) and recently found him watching Peppa Pig on the tablet. I asked the wife if she set it up for him but it turns out he managed to get to the page himself, probably out of pure luck than anything else. Its got me thinking though. With the rapid advance of technology the youth of today will have access to information / devices and gadgets way beyond what’s available now. Mobile phones for example, just look at what they’re capable of now compared to even 10 years ago. With that in mind I’m starting to wonder what sort of education all this tech stuff requires. I found this BT sets out plan to boost the UK’s tech literacy which is a great start but no doubt there’ll need to be an increased focus on technology in schools. Anyone got any ideas or comments? Feel free to jump in.





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Re: Technology and the way forward

I know the secondary school I went to replaced it's ICT lessons with a Computer Science equivalent a few years ago, which is taught from year 7 upwards. They also now look at programming ( I think mainly python and VB, with some HTML and JS) and some of the core aspects of the how a computer works.

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Re: Technology and the way forward

I'm old enough that the first computers only appeared in schools when I was in the 6th form - and then it was only things like the BBC Micro.  As a result, I've never actually been taught how to use computers, tablets, phones or the like.  That's never stopped me - if you're curious enough there's always on-line help, Google, Stack Exchange , or just trying things and seeing what happens.


Given that kids these days are growing up with the technology, I can't imagine anybody needing to teaching them how to use the technology - they will just pick it up as they go along.

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Re: Technology and the way forward

my 2 year old neice can fire up her tablet, find youtube, type in peppa pig, select the video she wants, make it full screen and so on. its really quite impressive

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Re: Technology and the way forward

Great discussion topic Dave!


I too have toddler tearing down the house Smiley Surprised and he has no problem working the Ipad.  It started off with him listening to 'Oh Macdonald had a farm', then to 'Peppa Pig' and 'Ben and Holly' and now he has about 10 different cartoons that he loves to watch.  What we have noticed though is using the Ipad has certainly helped him develop his talking, counting and understanding, oh and I cant forget his singing is coming along nicely Smiley Very Happy


I came across and article some time ago which showed a Radio Shack advertisement from 1991 which was offering all sorts of technology.  All the devices listed on this advert are now included in your average Smart Phone, check this out,






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