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Re: Telephone Fault

You would have to lodge a complaint via your Service Provider, BT Retail, The Post Office, etc, or whoever they are now with. They can then pass your complaint to Openreach.

It may be worth looking at their customer service guarantee, and see if they have any compensation arrangement.


I doubt very much they would compensate for lost business, unless you had a business contract, with an agreed SLA.


Business use on a BT Residential line is not permitted anyway, but other Service Providers may have different rules.


Here is BTs Customer Service Guarantee.

Customer service guarantee





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Re: Telephone Fault

The elephant in the room is the regulatory system that prevents the end user from any direct communication with Openreach who is the owner of the system that provides the wherewithal for the service that the so called "service supplier" provides to its customers - the end users. 


Once a fault is reported to Openreach, Openreach own the fault, it is they who should pay compensation to the end user who is out of pocket due to Openreach's failure to repair the fault in reasonable time.  If your car is damaged due to a pothole in the road you can sue the Council responsible for the road maintenance for the cost of repairs.  If your electric supply is off for more than 48 hours the owner of the supply lines will pay compensation to you the end user, you do not have to involve the company you pay for the electricity you use.


It would seem that The Post Office have indifferent customer service yet in fact it is the management of Openreach who irresponsably take advantage of the fragmented supply system in the knowledge that they cannot be held to account.

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