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Tell me I'm doing something wrong, please!

At home I have broadband connectivity with another well known company and I have a number of devices connected wirelessly to the internet. The devices are all over my 3 storey home, the wireless router is on the ground floor. I've had this setup working without an issue, generally speaking. No ISP is perfect but I can say that I rarely have issues with the wireless itself, if anything it'll be the internet connection. So I think I have some knowledge about what I'm doing and what kind of connectivity to expect. My home is in the East Midlands.


Now I've been staying at my folks home for the last 2 months and about 6 weeks ago they switched to BT Infinity to up their internet speed and modernise their package, as they were using an old BT ADSL product. My folks live in north London and for months on the tv we've been seeing the ad about no or less wireless dropouts, best wireless router blah blah blah etc etc. Generally, internet connectivity is what I'd expect from a non-fibre cable ISP (although it's possible that our leg of the network is indeed fibre now) - but that's not the issue that we constantly have. So the hub is on the top floor of a two storey house and at the front of the property. My bedroom is around 45 -50 feet away with only two doors in between but mostly corridor. For the life of me I cannot get a regular wireless connection when I'm using my Blackberry. As I have an older Netgear wireless router I tested using that and I had no connection issues to the internet. The router was running on channel 13 so logic dictated that maybe I should change BT Hub to channel 13. This seemed to work for about a day or so, but still have bad wireless connectivity - changed BT hub back to the default of 6, it seemed to work for a while, but still nowhere near consistent connectivity, and moreover becausehub cnnectivity takes precedence over mobile network I can't get onto the internet at all from my Blackberry most of the time. ?This is even an issue when I'm sat in the same room as the BT Hub.


Any ideas on how I can improve the situation? Do you think this is a problem with the BT Hub?

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Re: Tell me I'm doing something wrong, please!

Channel 13 is not supported on some devices.


What hub do you have? 1,1.5,2,3,4?

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