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Re: Temporary line query


are you saying that that upload speed is too fast, and we must have already been on fibre?

 Exactly! Standard ADSL non-fibre BB can't exceed about 1.3 Meg upload. Even worse G.DMT ADSL1 that you talk about elsewhere won't exceed 8 Meg download. No, that line hosted FTTC at that time.

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Re: Temporary line query

We have always been told by BT that the shed has a "copper line", presumably by this they meant a FTTC line, as fibre runs to the exchange and copper cabling runs from the exchange to the house.

It has been described to us previously that our internet speed would be "faster than normal" due to the fact that fibre will run to the exchange, and we will just have a short copper cable to our Hub.


I apologise for being ignorant about the difference between the two, however I am telling you the terminology and descriptions given to us by the BT phone helpdesk.


We were told many times in the past that we "wouldn't be able to get a fibre optic line installed". Which i believe is to say that we cannot get a FTTP connection at the shed.

When I spoke about G.DMT I mentioned that this is what the current settings say the connection modulation is.

So although I appreciate you clarifying this information, I still am not exactly clear why BT helpdesk are telling us that "we have a temporary line, and therefore cannot get any more than 2mbps download speed"

Surely we had 13mbps down before, and now have barely 2.3mbps down. Do you have any theories on why that may be, given the information I have provided?

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Re: Temporary line query

All BB except FTTP is carried by a copper line all the way to the premises from the cabinet. The Fibre, if any, comes before the cabinet.

It's a fact that:

  1. On 15 April the shed had FTTC (VDSL) running at 18/4.29 Meg.
  2. On 7 May the shed had ADSL1 (G.DMT) running at 3/0.45 Meg.

I can't see that you went months without Fibre there. For some unknown reason BT downgraded your line  to ADSL1 from Fibre in the last few days. They should be able to reinstate FTTC there without too much trouble.

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Re: Temporary line query

Thank you, that is very comprehensive and seems to be the case here.


I will phone BT and suggest what you have said above. Hopefully armed with this information someone will be able to see if I can be moved back on to ADSL2, and FTTC.

is it possible that as the phone line has been disconnected and messed about with the the connection profile has been banded?

I will keep you updated, once I have an answer from BT. Thanks again for the help.

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Re: Temporary line query

The line into the shed cannot be both ADSL2 and FTTC, if you ask for an upgrade from ADSL to ADSL2 the increase will be tiny,  you should be requesting FTTC ( fibre to the cabinet ), if successful it should restore the line back to the 14Mb it once had, but it will confuse things if you ask for ADSL2 ( FTTC is VDSL ).

Your shed line isn’t ‘banded’ it’s bang on the predicted speed for an exchange based product ( ADSL ) and the distance you are away from the exchange, the reason FTTC is ‘faster’ is the it moves the broadband equipment closer to the property.

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Re: Temporary line query

Than you to everybody who has contributed to this post.

We phoned up yesterday, and were called back today. Today we were given the explanation that in the initial confusion in March, the two lines for house AND shed were directed into the main house.

We were told that as this hasn't been rectified, this is what is causing the slow speed in the house.
(I don't fully understand then how this was not apparent previously, or how we could have two lines running into the house and also have internet in the shed without the two being connected.)


Regardless we have been told that we must wait for 5 days for them to resolve the issue.

We used the information provided in this thread to negotiate with customer service.
I must say, the person on the phone was rather discrediting of this forum. They told us not to listen to the advice given here. (which I wholeheartedly disagree with).

We all unanimously decided that as a direct result of the advice given here we've been able to educate ourselves on the mechanics of our connection, and the potential contributing factors of a fault. As a result BT have responded to us, (or possibly just not risk bull-crapping us further) and come up with a sensible solution.

So thank you. The contributors on this post have directly helped us highlight our issue with customer service. 

We spent around 25 hours on the phone to BT going round in circles, and nobody really knowing what the fault was.
Had we not come here to seek help, we may still be chasing our tales. So we are grateful.


I will update this post further once BT have actioned something. If the fault is still there then I will let you know, but if the fault gets fixed I will mark it as solved and let you know.

All the best until then. 

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Re: Temporary line query


Today we were given the explanation that in the initial confusion in March, the two lines for house AND shed were directed into the main house.

That's how it  normally is. Most houses have 2 pairs of lines coming to the home, but often 1 is unused. The shed line would then continue from the main house to the shed.

I think you said earlier that the shed phone was working all the time. There's nothing wrong or unusual there.

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Re: Temporary line query

@RobbieBaron So what are you saying?
commenting on whether something is usual or not does not necessarily pertain to a specific situation. 

Are you saying that BT customer service are right or wrong?

And presumably that line for the shed thats running into the house can be redirected to the shed phoneline - the one that you rightly point out has been operational throughout.

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Re: Temporary line query


And presumably that line for the shed thats running into the house can be redirected to the shed phoneline

Can be? It is!

Likewise BT CS can say don't believe a word we say we can equally say they don't always get it right. 

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