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Re: Temporary line query

@iniltous thank you for your reply.

I have looked into having a WiFi link between the main house and the guest house, however due to the distance, and the walls between the two properties, also factored into the mix that it’s a listen property, there is no easy solution to this.

What I thought of was getting a directional WiFi extender and hooking that up to the by hub. But if it needs to be wired in and then the wire ran through walls to an outdoor extender that would not be a viable option without planning permission. As such this is a real last resort scenario.


I’m grateful for your insight, as we’re pulling our hair out at this point.

So am I correct in saying that there should be no barriers to a FTTC connection in the shed?

and that currently it is not running FTTC? (The Hub log says it’s currently using modulation: G.992.1 g.dmt with latency type: interleaved)


when we spoke to BT they mentioned our speed was ‘capped’. And that our new contract states we should expect to get between 1-3mbps.

how can we get them to reinstate our original connection, with normal speeds?

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Re: Temporary line query

I cannot see a problem getting the shed line upgraded to FTTC , apart from the possible ‘stop sell’ of FTTC in areas that can get FTTP....if that is the case , unfortunately you will probably have to explore other avenues.
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Re: Temporary line query

@BlankScreen wrote:

We are not business customers, why do you ask?

Because a guest house is a business and it is against the terms and conditions of the residential service to use it for business purposes.

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Re: Temporary line query


The guest house would consistently get around 13mbps download speed and between 2-4mbps upload.

It was in regular use as an office, however at the beginning of the year it would intermittently cut out and the internet would switch off, typically in the middle of an important email or conference call.

So we phoned BT to speak to them about this and see if something could be done. We were well aware that it was not possible for this internet connection to be upgraded to fibre, for various reasons,

Something doesn't make sense about speeds & BB types in OP.

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Re: Temporary line query

Should it prove overly difficult to get the FTTC reinstated in the ‘shed’ and it has an electricity supply that is off the same consumer unit as the main residence, then some sort of power line adapter could get an Ethernet socket into the shed.
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Re: Temporary line query

@licquorice It is not a business, it is residential. We call it the 'guest house', because that is where guests stay when they visit.

It is not a Guest House, such as one would find in coastal towns, that people rent out or let on air b'n'b.

Is this what you are referring to when you say a guest house is a business?



@RobbieBaron when you say something doesn't add up, can you elaborate? 

To clarify; we originally had 13mbps download speed. We complained about it 'dropping' out, and after disconnecting it for three months the service has been resumed, but we have been told that it's now on "a temporary line" and the maximum it can get on that line is 3mbps. my question is solely about the shed, the main house internet stats were only provided for the purposes of benchmarking.

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Re: Temporary line query

Indeed, to most people the term 'Guest house' implies a bed and breakfast business rather than somewhere private guests stay.

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Re: Temporary line query

@BlankScreen: It's your own words in your OP which I quote, highlight and underline in my last post. They just plain contradict themselves. So I am puzzled.

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Re: Temporary line query

@RobbieBaron you'll have to forgive me, I cannot see the contradiction.

You have highlighted that :
I was in receipt of between 2-4mbps upload speed.
and that we were on a copper line, and we could not upgrade to fibreoptic.

are you saying that that upload speed is too fast, and we must have already been on fibre?

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Re: Temporary line query

You would need to be on at least FTTC to get an upload speed of 2/4mb

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