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Tenda Nova or Netgear Extender - BT TV Connection

Hi All,

I am a new BT TV Customer. I have my Wifi Router in a cupboard by the front door.

I had two options to connect my BT TV box to the Wifi, would appreciate advice on what would be the best route potentially?  I like the range of the BT Router and I don't want to use option 2 if possible as I don't know if the Nova boxes have the same range, I am getting great internet all over the house using the BT Router. 

1) Use a Netgear Wifi Extender at the plug socket near the BT TV box. I have had this setup since Monday, and whilst performance has been stable it occasionally drops out on the Sports channels, I have an ethernet from the Netgear to the BT box, and haven't changed any of the settings.  Occasionally Sport will drop and I have to change channel for it to come back on.  Do I need to change some settings somewhere? 

2) Use Nova Wifi Mesh network, I have two Nova boxes. This was my initial setup when we first moved last week, I had one box plugged into the Router and the other box next to the TV set top box and ethernet in.   However this dropped completely after 24 hours on Sunday and I couldn't get it working. This was setup in Bridge mode to just extend the existing network but for whatever reason the BT TV box didn't like it?


Any ideas as to the best way around this?  As I say, I could turn off wifi from the BT Router, but we get great internet all over the house so I don't see the point of doing that to replace it with 2 Nova boxes that will be 5m apart (there is several doors though which makes the easiest option of ethernet from router to BT TV difficult and the Mrs doesn't like that option!) 

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