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Terrible BT customer service cannot make phone calls, send text and use data

I experieced an issue since yesterday after porting my number from Vodafone to BT. I can see signal bar but I cannot make phone calls, send test and use data. I was told that the issue was impacting 19000 customers and assured that the issue will be fixed by mid night yesterday. But today morning I found that it was still not working. I phoned them back at 8am. Here is how I experienced a terrible BT service. I recommend everyone thinking to switch BT to consider it carefully. There is no other word I can describe how bad the service is and I was left helpless and desperate to get the issue solved. BT offers a routine and robotics customer service which makes no difference than you speak to a machine. The team had no empathy for the customer's pain and they are indifferent to the customer. I summarise the whole conversation in a few points:
1. I asked for a target date for the issue to be resolved. The answer is there is no target date. Technical team did not provide one.
2. I asked to speak to a manager. The answer is sorry the manager is not available.
3. After I insisted I was finally put through to a manager. The manager's answer is no different that they don't know a date to fix the issue. They are working on it. BT does not own the network. It was EE's fault that they cannot connect the customer. The engineer is working on it and there is no update on when it will be resovled.
4. I asked to speak to technical team who can give me a target date. The manager said there is no internal contact they can reach to the tech team. The tech will contact them to give an update.
5. I asked to escalate to a higher level. The answer is we cannot reach to the manager as she is out on training. We can arrange her to phone you back within 48 hours. If you want to escalate the complain, you can follow the procedure and if you are still not happy you can complain to ombudsman and it will take 8 weeks to resolve it.


In all, for whatever question I ask I could not get a direct answer. No target date can be provided to fix the issue. No speak to the manager. No speak to tech person. If you want to complain, you can follow our procedure which will take 48 hours for us to get back to you and another few weeks if you are not happy with the resolve. After an hour speak to them, I find I am banging my head to the wall as there is no human interaction there to go beyond routine for help. I later send out an email to director Gavin Patterson. I have a polite but very political answer from him that he said the team is investigating the service and will get back to me. I suddenly understand why BT has such a terrible customer service and you have nowhere to complain. Because it is the culture from up to the bottom that they do not care about their customer. They are lack of ownership to resolve the issue for the customer. They are afraid of taking responsibility of any fault. They are not confidence of their service as they can hardly give a certain date to fix the issue.


As a customer, when I am phoning for help I am expecting the issue is to be resolved immediately or be assured to be fixed in a reasonble time manner. So I suggest that everyone who want to switch to BT seriouly consider whether they would like such overloads in their life and whether they can deal with a group of robots.


Though the issue is escalated to the director, I am still not given a date of the issue to be resovled. It is completely a waste of time with BT and my advice is avoid in every way as you can. 


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Re: Terrible BT customer service cannot make phone calls, send text and use data

That's very much my experience with BT, hours and hours of calls to customer service with regard to broadband tv and mobile, not to mention the rewards that are promised and then disappear. Nobody taking any action to actually do something to resolve the issue. If your listening BT time to bring your help desks back to the UK, and give your employees the tools and processes to do their job. If your not a BT customer yet, avoid. Life's too short to spend hours of your week on the phone to BT.