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Terrible Customer Service

This all started on Monday the 5th of August 2013. Suddenly my internet would drop randomly for a few seconds to a few minutes at a time. I made a call through to customer service ( which were great when I placed my order and when I moved house ) after being on hold for around an hour I spoke to someone for around 5 minutes who said they registered the fault and that someone would call me between 7pm and 9pm the next day when I would be home with news on the issue.


Fast forward to the next day and 9pm comes and goes without any call. I ring up again and after around 1h 30 minutes I get through to someone who almost immediately transfers me to a level 2 representative. I am then on hold for around another 30 minutes. This representative then tells me that it is a local exchange fault and that they have booked an engineer to visit the next day and that they will call again between 7pm and 9pm to verify more details with the issue.


The next day comes and goes without any call from said engineer. I wait a few days just in case something came up but I here nothing and the problem persists. So I try calling today and I am hold for almost 3 hours, long enough for the battery on my cordless phone to actually run out from full charge.


This is completely unacceptable. I have wasted the better part of 5 hours on hold to your call centres and several hours waiting for calls with absolutely no response from your team. I can understand that if there is problem it can take time to fix but when you say you are going to call and don't then you are wasting my time. I need my internet connection, I often do freelance work in the evenings and need a stable connection to download multiple GB projects from customers. The anywhere up to 50% packet loss on the connection makes it impossible to maintain a secure connection. I have found that I now have to go and spend hours in a local starbucks or pub that has wifi to get them. I can't even properly talk these customer because any effort to use skype is futile.


The main issue here is the lack of decency from your customer service team. If I knew what was happening I can plan round it but as of right now I am hugely disappointed. 5 hours of time for me represents money lost and now because I have no idea when this will be fixed I cannot possibly accept any other work.


Coincidentally this happens almost one year after it is installed very similar to what some other people have experienced:


I changed to BT from virgin as I had similar problems with them and they would provide excuses for many consecutive months about a faulty local exchange. Once I switched to BT I have had no problems until now. The customer service was excellent during my transition along with some early teething problems ( they actually called back ). I am more than happy to cooperate to get this issue fixed but if this is what I can expect any time a problem arises that part of my livelihood is dependent on, I will be switching faster than the transistors in my CPU to another ISP.


Please try to be considerate in the time that you take from other peoples lives when you do not uphold your end of any agreements made.

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Re: Terrible Customer Service

Hi rodulator,


Is there any sort of pattern with the drop in connectivity? eg when the phone rings, during the evenings, ect?


When you do experience a drop in connection are the dsl lights on the Openreach modem and BT Homehub flashing/not alight or orange?


If the community is unable to help you then the BTCare Team (mods) may offer there help.


You can also track the status of a reported fault by going to


This is a BT Retail Customer to Customer help forum. The only BT presence are the moderators.



jac_95 | Help Site | BT Service Status
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