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Terrible SSH performance

This past two weeks I have had terrible ssh performance. Have the wonderful BT decided to shape SSH traffic?


I ssh in to a server in france on a daily basis for the past 3 years and over the last week I have experienced terrible performance, my ssh sessions keeps freezing and hanging. When tunneling http traffic through the ssh tunnel which i have done for years, it freezes. I have confirmed that there is no problem with the server itself by testing it from other connections.


I can download from the server with sftp at full speed without any problems so it looks like BT have specifically gone out of their way to interferre with SSH traffic.



Just another reason to hate BT.


I don't expect an answer to this because lets be honest, even if you had a staff member who knew was ssh was and was fimilar with it, its not like they could do anything to stop the wonderful BT from shaping SSH traffic.


Its probably the state and its unlawful security agencies advocating that BT prevent people from being able to secure their internet connections away from the obessive and paranoid and over zealous monitoring.


So i just wanted to make this thread to let you know that i hate bt that bit more now that you are preventing me from using ssh. I didn't think it was possible to hate BT anymore but BT always exceed my expectations when it comes to making me hate the organisation.

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Re: Terrible SSH performance

Can delete this thread, just having a rant. Pointless. I see there is no option to delete or edit now.
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Re: Terrible SSH performance

I think you will find sftp is SSH, TCP port 22. It's just different traffic being passed over the tunnel and because it's encrypted traffic the tunnel traffic can not be inspected and therefore no means to shape by content.

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