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Re: Terrible Wireless Speeds

@NinjaZXR wrote:

@jjgraphics - a good starting point right there.


@jasyk34 and tsrpint - If you want the best from your wireless network only use 802.11n hardware.


802.11g adapters, which have a theoretical max throughput speed of 54Mbps, give real-world speeds of half that, but usually less, so 10 - 12Mbps would be a reasonable download speed using 11g.


@anyone who couldn't care less 🙂


I've read a few posts on this forum decrying the wireless speed on the HH3 as rubbish, but it just ain't so.
The HH3 has a lot of faults, I don't use it anymore, but the download speeds using decent wireless n adapters were as fast as ethernet.

This is the best answer yet IMO! If you only have a wireless "g" adaptor you'll only likely get less than 27Mbps in the best of conditions, any interference or solid structures will bring the speed down considerably. The HH3 is capable of 130Mbps wireless (or at least mine is), but you need an "n"adaptor to take advantage of that. My Laptop has wireless "n" and I get the same speed as with an Ethernet lead (35Mbps), but my Son's PC with its wireless "g" adaptor only gets 15Mbps on average - I'll be upgrading that adaptor asap.
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Re: Terrible Wireless Speeds

I had the same problem, when a engineer just finished the install.. wasn't getting anything via wireless but fine on wired connection.


Changing from auto to channel 8 saved me, I am now getting 22mb to 26mb over wifi.

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