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Terrible Xbox Live Latency

I recently cancelled my Sky broadband and went with BT. (Please dont ask WHY i went with BT as i am unsure myself.) Anyways, since switching over trying to play Call of Duty Black OPS on Xbox Live is nothing short of a nightmare. The latency is very very bad. I have checked all potential issues our end but it has to be the BT service.


I have talked to technical support who inform me my connection is very good!! Although i used to get 16mb connection with Sky the best i can get with BT is 8mb. When i asked them why only 8bm and sky was 16mb they pretty much said i was a liar and that it was impossible as Sky use the BT equipment in the exchange.


Now i realise i am tied into a 18 month contract here but i am going to pay off the contract to get out of this horrific service.


For anyone thinking of going to BT, i would seriously look around for other providers as BT is truly **bleep**.

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Re: Terrible Xbox Live Latency

I'm a little confused - do you actually need assistance or did you just come on here to complain?



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