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Terrible and stressful BT service

Although the issue is now "technically" resolved, I thought more people should know the pain that I have had with BT.


18th August I transfered to BT BB mainly for Sports but with the understanding I could upgrade to infinity when its in my road, the connection I was recieving was... terrible, my average download speed was 0.10 down from my 17meg with o2, that and the internet would cut out randomly for up to 3 hours a time I had made the assumption that due to terrible weather over the last few days the line outside might have been damaged so I decided to contact support to see if they could figure it out.


Call 1 - Total time on the phone 1 hour:


After giving a number of details over and an explination of what was happening I was told they would do a line test, thinking this would show the issue I was happy to wait a staggering 30 minutes (o2's line checks in the past were between 2 mins and 5 mins) after I was told "its the hub, its faulty" so I then spent another 20 minutes waiting for them to "confirm one will be sent"


Hub recieved - No change in service, still cutting out and when it was running, very VERY slow speed


Call 2 - Total time on the phone 1 hour and 45 mins:


After calling up 24 hours after installing the new router and explaining that it had not fixed the fault, I was subjected to 3 line checks in a row (thankfully lasting between 5-10 mins each this time) each coming back "clear" at this point being told that its MY issue and that I need to do every check (Please note that I work as a Server Engineer so, I do have a clue) to make sure nothing was causing this issue; but at this point I had done the following:


1. Replaced the router twice with the BT home hub 4 and my own netgear, no change

2. Replaced all the filters

3. Removed all phones etc from the sockets and tried the router on all of them, no change


I asked for an engineer, I was out right told "No" so they sent ANOTHER home hub claiming it was the wifi (Please note I had explained 10 times - asked 10 times - I was not using wifi, I had tried a number of cat5 cables)


Call 3 - Total time to support 1 hour and 55 minutes


As soon as they answered I said "put me to second line support", no questions asked I was transfered. I then explained my situation, what I had done to check, all the calls before hand. The support staff then decided to ask first line support questions and then BLAME ME for the fault, I told him about my old ISP and how I was getting 17mbps down and he said "That is a lie, your line can only support 5 meg down", then he went on to say "You do not know what you are talking about sir, you cannot put another router on our network you are lieing". More time went by and the support staff ignored me blaming me and my router. I kept asking for an engineer I was told "no, you wont get one, its your fault" I became emotinally distressed, the amount of stress and time wasted by their "support" had got to me, I was almost in tears due to this, I had lost time, had to take time off to sort this out, buy a mifi from three to get on the internet (More money of out pocket).


I had to hand the phone over to someone else so I didnt end up shouting down the phone, within 3 minutes of the phone changing hands, the other person on the phone was in tears with the sheer rudeness of BT's "Support", we ended up hanging up and calling cancellations in which a nice man named Bruce did what he had to do to stop me cancelling, he promissed an engineer to come out, but first we would have to be put through to support again.


More stress, more line checks but low and behold. Now we have been told we will get an engineer, a magical fault appeared on the line.


Engineer shows up, and my susspisions from the 18th are confirmed, the line was damaged on the 16-17th August by adverse weather conditions and was replaced on the day. Explaining to the engineer what we had been through he out right told us:


"If its not on their scripts they havent got a clue what to do", I then asked if that included messing the customer around and saying its their fault in which he had no answer to (understandable).


Its taken a month to sort out, something which could have been done weeks ago if they had actually TRAINED their support staff properly.


I have lost money from having to take time off.

I have lost money from having to buy a mifi.

BT Stopped me from doing my job at home (Office share, they can be fun)

BT has caused me emotinal distress from their "helpful support"


The BIGGEST kick in the teeth, after all was said and done I wrote a email of complaint, saying the best time to call me was "any time after 5pm", this was requested on their complaints form... so they call me at 9:41am when I am working. There is a BIG difference in those times, after trying to get a number to call this department back Im told "they dont have a phone number"



What a supprise, are BT trying to tell us something? I post this mini essay so others may understand that its easier to phone cancellations to get your support issues sorted as NO ONE in their support team is trained. They are rude, quick to hang up, quick to point the finger and SLOW TO DO ANYTHING TO ACTUALLY HELP THE CUSTOMER 


Peace out.

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