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Terrible internet speed.

I would just like to complain here and blow off some steam, BT you are pathetic. We live in a village called Braughing and our internet speed is atrocious, now i know you could not give a **bleep** about us as we are not a town or big city and just a small village, but we pay the same money as people in cities and towns, and we get a PATHETIC service.

I just done a speed test of my internet and wait for it , my download speed was 0.29 mbps, THATS RIGHT YOU READ THAT RIGHT. 0.29 MBPS, ABSOLUTE DISGRACE, this is 2014 for **bleep**, sake.

Oh and by the way there are no other providers here because if there was believe in me we would be changing in a heartbeat.

Robbing **bleep**.

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Distinguished Sage
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Re: Terrible internet speed.

As it says at the top of the board this is a customer help customer forum snd your post does not go to BT.


If you would like help from the forum members to try and improve your connection speed the post the adsl stats from your router and also the results from btspeedtester dagnostic test.


this would be best done from the test socket to eliminate any problems that may be caused by your internal wiring


if the members cannot help then the forum mods who are the only BT employees on the forum will try and help

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