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Terrible service unbelievably inept 3 months still no landline or broadband.

14th May
Ordered Landline, Broadband and TV

About six updates from BT each one not able to give me an activation date, just telling me that it is delayed again.

8th August
Engineer came out 3 MONTHS after the order was created. Signal clear from property to exchange but still couldn't activate landline. Exchange had reached capacity and jumpers had to be installed.

10th August Landline activated.

10th to 11th August
BT called to ask me if I'd like to have a landline installed. I informed them it was already active. They said they had no record of it.

11th to 15th August
Three attempts to get BT to complete the landline order on the system so that it would allow me to order Broadband and TV. Each time BT telling me it would be completed the next day but it wasn't.

15th August
BT phoned me to say there was a problem with my broadband and TV order.
All my BT services had been cancelled without any communication with me or my permission. Once again without landline and broadband. Activation date unknown.

I was told I would have to go through the whole process again.

Phoned Order management.
Got cut off after one hour and five minutes of talking and being put on hold trying to sort it out. Nobody phoned me back.

I had to go through the phone sytem yet again to track the same person down via India even though she was in the UK.

Yet another different BT person told me the status of my property was bronze but needs to be copper before services can be activated. I told her the service had been activated but then cancelled without permission. So clearly again BT do not know what they are doing.

Said she'd need to speak to sales & whilst I was speaking to her in mid conversation she ignored it & transfered me to somebody else (another queue).

Another different BT person I have to go through the whole process again.

I have disabilities which make a landline and broadband services absolutely essential. This experience with BT has caused me extreme stress and deep unhapiness.

BT have a totally fractured communication system. Each person doesn't know what the problem is and cannot help resolve the issues.

Staff simply transfer you to somebody else if they don't want to deal with it, I was transfered in the middle of the sentence I was saying.

BT cancelled my services without my permission.

Atrocious waiting times to speak to anybody.
Activation dates are ludicrously slow.

I have never experienced such shockingly bad service.

As I write this a new order for landline broadband and tv has been placed with BT. I have not been given an order number.

At this time I have spent more than 12 hours on the phone or online chat to BT trying to resolve this mess.

If this is the type of service you offer for your top tier products of a landline, BT Infinity 2 broadband and Ultra HD TV I would urge other new customers to contact Sky and Virgin instead as will I if this mess is not resolved with a sense of urgency and as soon as possible.

My extended family are so disgusted with this shocking lack of service they are currently investigating switching from BT unless this is resolved to satisfaction immediately.

I am completely perplexed by the cause of these issues. It is unfathomable and has made me extremely unhappy.

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Re: Terrible service unbelievably inept 3 months still no landline or broadband.

Once the Forum Mods have read your post they will post an invite here, once you reply to them they will take personal ownership of the problem until resolved.

Do not send them a Personal Message as this is the incorrect contact method and cannot be properly tracked also the mod contacted may not be on shift for sometime and this will delay your help.

The forum mods normally reply within 3/5 working days after you have contacted them via their contact form
They will contact you personally by email or phone.



mod contact.JPG

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Re: Terrible service unbelievably inept 3 months still no landline or broadband.

Hi Thalamus1,


I'm really sorry about the problems getting your BT services connected. Please use the 'contact the mods' link in my forum profile to send in your details if you need any help getting this sorted. You can find the link by clicking on my username.



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Re: Terrible service unbelievably inept 3 months still no landline or broadband.



A team has taken ownership of this case and has asked me not to follow through with other departments as it may cause confusion.


Thank you for your replies.

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Re: Terrible service unbelievably inept 3 months still no landline or broadband.

Ok if you do need further help then please post back here and the community and forum mods will try and help you
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