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Re: Text Messaging

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LOL, its surprising how often that works (partially or at least for a while).


If you are able to send, but only receive as voice there is either an issue with the caller display (as the phone needs to recognise the SMS platform numbet to pick up the SMS) or the recive number.


If your caller display is actually working:


I would try the receive number again, enter it fully, then try with last digit removed etc (as you tried before, but this time don't touch the send number).


If that doesn't solve, it try turning it off an on again (you never know!).


What may have happened is the reset has set the numbers back to factory settings, and removed the checks you completed before.


The caller display issue can be a bit of a pain to sort, the phones think it is working, you think its working, but the exchange thinks its not so send you voicemails instead of sms as text. It does tend to be becuse the sms bouces back saying ti hasnt been received and the system assumes its because the caller idplay isnt working, when it can still just be a fautl with the phne or the receive number.


Keep trying we'll get there in the end!



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Re: Text Messaging

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I am back visiting this topic as I once more have problems with the text messaging service on my Synergy 5500.


During last week, some guys working in my house, turned off my phone. When I had reconnected it, I found that the text messaging service would no longer send messages. But it does recive them.


I have been over the advice originally provided here, but nothing has worked. 


I have turned the base off for around 20 minutes;

Checked and reset the send and recive numbers;

Tried the numbers with and without the last 2 digits;

Sent the message 'register' to 00000 and recive confirmation that I can now send and recive messages - but I cant;

And I have called the send nunmber and recived the beeps, pause and disconnect signal.


Oncve more I am stumped at how complex this is. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.

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