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Thank God I didn't cancel my BT Account

All I can say is thank you to the person who urged me not to cancel my BT account until I was happy with my new virgin media broadband setup.  Virgin media are complete and at a waste of time.  I don't even know why I even thought about leaving BT.  I have had nearly 20 years of uninterrupted broadband.  BT is probably one of the most reliable broadband providers available.  Certainly not going to move away now.  I'm getting 50 MB.  That's more than I need.

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Re: Thank God I didn't cancel my BT Account



I will always remain with BT even though VM is in my area i have always found the sales door to door to be very pushy.

Last year i had VM sales person at door telling me who my current provider was and i told them BT, but all they had to say was we are faster.......... (not sure how they would say this with people on 1gig network with BT) but again it has nothing to do with speed really.

It is smoke and mirrors with this company.. they really need wake up call and improve on customer service and need to realize its not all about speed and more on uptime and good service like you mention 🙂



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Re: Thank God I didn't cancel my BT Account

Yeah, I'm beginning to realise that VM are just out there to push their service without really having any concerns about other issues.  I've been on the forum and they have categorically stated that the engineer won't have anything to do with connecting computers through the Smart Hub.  Well, that's no good to me because I'm disabled and I need help.  What really annoyed me was, he said.  If this happens again then you will be charged £100.  That did it for me.  I took that as a threat.  I'm not having some dopey engineer who can't do his job properly, comie into my house and make threats.

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Re: Thank God I didn't cancel my BT Account

We're moving home soon and VM were quoting 500mbps and TV for a similar price to what I pay now. I looked at the terms and laughed while closing their website... The estimated speed in the evening of a 500mbps connection was a tenth of the actual connection speed and the guaranteed speed was even lower 🤣 absolute joke of a company

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Re: Thank God I didn't cancel my BT Account

Well, funny you should mention the speed.  I managed to get one computer hooked up on Monday.  When I checked the speed it was something like 120 MB to begin with.  Then we went down to 80 MB.  It's supposed to get 200 MB.  I'm getting 50 MB with BT Internet.  Honestly, I don't why I even contemplated leaving BT.  I've never had any problems whatsoever.  I could honestly say I've had 99.9 & reliability in nearly 20 yyears.