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Thanks BT for fixing phone line over the weekend

I thought i would give my views of a fault my parents had on their phone line and say a big thanks to BT for sorting it out.

My dad is in hospital , and it was discovered on Friday ( yes the wedding day) my parents phone was not working. I reported it for them on the web , and it showed a fault outside the house.

I also rang the 0800 number and spoke to a nice lady called lorraine and explained I would like the faulty number diverted to my parents mobile number. No problem she said , and it was done in 1/2 an hour and both my Mom and myself were phoned from her confirming the divert had gone ahead.

On Saturday morning the engineer rang my Mom explaining it looked like a problem on the dropwire from the pole to the house but a hoist was needed.

About 16:00 that day the engineer rang me to say it was fixed and the divert removed. And yes it was fixed and worked perfectly.I tested by ringing my parents number and reaching their answer phone.

Thanks BT , just to show you do get things right , but unfortunately these forums only show problems and do not give much praise.

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Re: Thanks BT for fixing phone line over the weekend



Thanks for the feedback, as you say good to see some positive comments on the forum.

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