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Thanks to admins that helped my case

Hello all - admis feel free to move this post to the appropriate forum - I wanted to give my belated thanks to Admin PaddyB and other community members such as tellboy et al. I am now 9 months into my contract, with 6 months of BT Infinity fibre active. The line is fast and stable, the HH3 is a bit of barsteward at times with intermittent drop outs etc, but I am pleased with the results of the admin, my constant complaining and this community's work in getting my particular issue solved.


It wasnt an easy fix by OR by any means and I ended up getting a completely new copper line to the property from the FTTC cabinet down the road. Dig work and other works needed got completed eventually!


At any rate I thought it best to convey my thanks on this forum as I know there are many many issues unresolved and the light at the end of the fibre tunnel is very distant or dark for some but the admins on here always do their upmost to help, not always able to resolve, but be a medium for which to convey the populations frustrations at the way BT customer service infuriates us all and also the fact that some decisions made by BT/OR are not understood at times.


I am due to move to a new property later on this year no doubt I will be back on here with another issue ha!


Thanks to all that helped and keep the faith - little bursts of light will eventually come to all properties at some point in the future - thats what the demi-gods at BT say anyway! Whether you believe in them is up to you...!


Good luck and see you soon no doubt!



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Re: Thanks to admins that helped my case

a good positive post pleased to hear all now working ok
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