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That old chestnut: Error code: 0x800CCC92 emails on Outlook 2010. Email server rejected your login?

Today 28 Oct 2018 for some unexplained reason I cannot send or receive emails in Outlook 2010. I guess it was brewing before this date as the usual request to verify my password kept cropping up at intervals until today when I can't send or receive.

My BT mail login works ok & I was able to view my messages.

I changed my password as this was an option when this error occurred on a previous occasion, but still not receiving or sending. I sent test messages from my BT Mail a/c which showed they'd been sent, but didn't appear in Outlook.

I looked at various solutions offered in MS community, but they were all old stuff prior to 2017. Someone suggested leaving it for a few days to see if the server connects. It's just so antiquated this issue & has been going on for years with BT & MS. Why the heck they don't get their act together is beyond me.

If it doesn't resolve in the next 24 hours, I'll try to remove my account in Outlook and set a new one with the same info, ie POP3, Outgoing and Incoming Servers etcetcetc!! big sigh!!!

Can anyone offer a relatively easy solution? PLEASE.






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