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Re: The Most Unreliable Broadband Ever!!!

@Ratty2012 wrote:

Sorry about your problems. The main problem is BT is split into two, one BT Retail, which is who you contact and BT Openreach, who you can't contact. As it looks like there is a fault with your line, BT Retail don't see it as a fault because that is dealt with by Openreach.

The issue here is BT retails reluctance to book an openreach engineer. Not because they are split in two. They can run their line tests and look into the line history to see if its been dropping or not just like openreach can.

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Re: The Most Unreliable Broadband Ever!!!

Their reluctance is due to the fact that BT Retail has to pay Openreach to do so. If they were one then this would not occur

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Re: The Most Unreliable Broadband Ever!!!

.... Am I suppose to know about this BT and Openreach relation before buying the service...? I saw an advert on the tele and called them...they never mentioned anything about openreach I think... and all went pretty well throughout the order... its a different story that they messed up with my name and issued the line to someone who use to live here like 10 years ago but I am not too bothered about that as it only takes ten minutes to explain to bt guys that 'its me who bought the connection' whenever I call them for problems like no connection or frustrating speed etc...
so what are you guys saying...? what I am suppose to do ... I have spent hours and hours with them and really sick of calling them... I still have I think 12 more months to go :-S

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Re: The Most Unreliable Broadband Ever!!!

tweet @btcare with the issue - that team (effectively the mods here) are extremely good at getting issues like this sorted.

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Re: The Most Unreliable Broadband Ever!!!

I had all of this with Virgin Media before moving to BT so i know your frustration. Dont let them mess you around.


Keep a record of every phone call you make to your provider, and always ask for a call ref numer or log number so that your discussions can be reffered back to. There is nothing worse than speaking to 50 phone agents who you have to keep repeating the same info to. Ask for appointments made to your address to be sent in written confirmation to you rather than just a vague promise of an action.


Your best bet is to contact the mods on this forum and see how they can help get your connection problems resolved as a matter of first contact. If they cannot or will not give you any help you have the right to take the matter further.


Take a look at the following link:


As a matter of last resort you can take your case to CISAS.

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Re: The Most Unreliable Broadband Ever!!!

Ha, I remember asking for a reference number on the phone and the guy had no idea what it was. Made me laugh, good luck fixing your problem. I would advise contacting the moderators
Contact here:


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