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The NIGHTMARE of a home move to a new build property!

On June 6th 2014 my grandfather placed an order to have his BT Services (BT Phone line with unlimited anytime calls and BT Infinity option 1 unlimited) transferred to his new property on the David Wilson Homes Winnington Village Development in Northwich. Since our date of moving was June 16th 2014 we arranged for the services to be installed on June 23rd 2014.


June 23rd arrived and the openreach engineer failed to show up. Angry I called BT who explained to me that the engineer was unable to visit today due to some extra work which needed to be completed. Sadly without being told specifically what this extra work was I do not believe this to be a suitable excuse. I was then informed that I would receive a call by 8pm on the Friday of that week by BT's offline team, I never received the call and ultimately began to question the existence of this offline team.


Evermore frustrated I contacted BT's complaint department via e-mail. I was called 48 hours later by a women called Emma. She told me that the problem was caused due to the property needing fibre directly to it rather that the traditional fibre to the junction box and copper cable to the property. She informed me that she would be in contact with the fibre to the premises team and that she would ring me when she had an update. Later that week Emma phoned me again and informed me that a break was found in the cable and that the junction box had collapsed, however she reassured me that openreach had been informed and that this would be repaired as soon as possible. After these problems were resolved I placed a new order to have my grandfathers telephone line installed (at the time I was told that I was not able to order BT Broadband). We were now in August and the engineer appointment was set to August 19th 2014. Once again the engineer failed to show so I contacted BT yet again, they told me that the order was cancelled by openreach however they offered no further explanation. They informed me that I would be called when a new order could be placed.


A few days later I was called again by BT. I placed another order to have a phone line installed on September 1st 2014 (I was once again told that the phone line had to be installed before the broadband services). However as this was becoming somewhat of a track record I was suspecting that the engineer would not appear and that I would have to call BT yet again. I must be psychic! The engineer never came and I was forced to call BT yet again!


I decided to call the Ombudsman who were very willing to hear me vent my frustration. They confirmed that I did have a case which they could help resolve and that they told me that they would be in contact with me again when they have an update.


On August 21st 2014 I received an apologetic letter from BT. The letter thanking me for my patience (which I was rapidly losing) and explained that they were dealing with my complaint (well it took them a very long time to confirm that). A phone number for Jill was at the bottom of the letter, I called the number the same day that I received the letter. She told me that the property was not ready for service and that this was due to David Wilson Homes incorrectly installing the cables etc. Jill then told me that I must talk to David Wilson Homes about the matter. The next day I called David Wilson Homes head office and spoke to the director of sales, he reassured me that everything for BT to provide us with a service was present and in working order and asked me to speak with our site manager. The site manager was able to show us that their are two BT cable boxes in the pavement directly outside our property and where our BT openreach socket and cable are inside the property. I called Jill again and explained that David Wilson Homes were not at fault. She then told me that she would be in contact with the New Sites team and would call me back when she had an update.


It is now September 7th 2014 and I am yet to hear again from Jill. Their are two developers on the Winnington Village development, Taylor Wimpey and David Wilson Homes. Taylor Wimpey homebuyers have had their services installed correctly, meanwhile David Wilson homebuyers have been left to suffer. Nobody has suggested that openreach visit the development to check that the property is ready for service (this seems like common sense). 


My grandfather and I desperately need our BT services installed as soon as possible. He reguarly visits and is in contact with North Staffordshire Hospital as he has heart problems. He has been asked if he would like them to install a monitoring device which can be connected to a phone line so that they can monitor his condition remotely, however this cannot be done because of our lack of a phone line. I am a student currently studying my A2 year at six form college, I cannot stress enough how important a broadband is to me at the moment. Soon I will have two extensive research projects to complete, this will be impossible without broadband.


I am hoping that by venting my upmost frustration on this forum that somebody will be able to assist us in getting our services installed at our property. I am very upset that nothing is being done to help me and my grandfather and that after waiting 3 months we are just being given excuses and no resolutions.



- Adam

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Re: The NIGHTMARE of a home move to a new build property!

Hi adz3421,


Welcome and thanks for posting!


Sorry for the time it's taking to get service transferred for your Grandfather.  I'm happy to help you from here.  Click on my username and under the "about me" section of my profile you'll see the link to get in touch with us.





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Re: The NIGHTMARE of a home move to a new build property!

Hi Robbie I have sent your my contact details via the "contact us" link on your profile. Hopefully we can sort this all out. Thanks Adam
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