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The Problems with BT

I thought I'd share my experience with BT as I'm leaving after I don't know how many years.

There have been a number of problems over the years but generally after many phone calss they are sorted out. This year was different.

Firstly I took the 'free' offer of BT Sport only to find that this extended my contract although not the contract price.

Sorted that eventually.

Then I tried to renew my contract on April 9th. There was some problems becuase I use Broadband Talk but not many people do so they aren't offereing it anymore. However, they would let me have it.

Previously of course I'd used BT Vault and had that replaced by BT Cloud leaving me with the problem of shifting the GBs of data I'd moved to the vault and even paid extra for.

Anyway the next bill comes and it's broad band at full price which they are pleased to tell me is higher now than fibre.

Thanks very much. So what happened? They aren't sure the order in April got rejected but they can fix it and I'll be alright.

There is of course nothing on MyBT which teels you anything about your contract. That remains a mystery. I phone again, I have nothing better to do. Has it been fixed yet? Has what been fixed? I explain again. Over an hour this time and I'm assured I am on the same 'deal' as last year and it will be fixed. I phone again this time I'm promised a call back from the 'offline' team, either today or first thing tomorrow. Well you've guess it, the offline team really is offline and there is no call.  I feel I have done my bit. I phone and ask for a MAC code to move. This takes some time. Why was I moving. Would I like a price reduction. I keep calm and get the code. My new provider contacts BT and this prompts a text to my landline an email and a letter. It seems some sort of communication tsunami has erupted. The email says my BT sport will cease, the letter says I'll be charged £12 for it so I'm forced to phone again. This number is answered in about three rings. I'm amazed and  put down my novel  thermos flask and sandwiches. There then follows a mixture of patronising drivel and veiled threats. Did I know what I was doing? I need unlimited broadband was I aware of that. I used the phone in the day, had I thought about that with the new provider. Then the broad band price , below £6 per month. Well that's good but why are you charging me over 3 times that? and why do we have this ridiculous charade every year when a 'contract' runs out. OFCOM rules apparently. Lastly a veiled threat that I might lose my number and would this affect my customers as I work at home. Well no because the number I give them is broadband talk number you've decided to withdraw.  All this falls on  deaf ears and it looks like it is my fault. Anyway she'll make a note of things so if I change my mind all will be forgiven and I can come back. Well I like good quality braodband at a reasonable price and I don't want to have a contract when you've provided nothing new and I don't want to pay more than new customers when I've been a customer forever and a day.

I will miss BT, I'll never finish that novel now and I'll have find something else to do every year at contract renewal. Or maybe my new provider will also provide these additional BT services of caller waiting, call dropping and bill inflation. I hope not.


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Re: The Problems with BT

@stephendreay wrote:
This number is answered in about three rings. I'm amazed and  put down my novel  thermos flask and sandwiches.


Genius 😄



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