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The Upgrade To Infinity 2

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Hi all, i have had BT Infinity 1 for about 2 months now and it's great, up and running smoothly and (apart from the ocasional disconnection from xbox live) everything is right as rain.


I recently saw an advert for bt infinity 2, and was looking at the site and said 'already got bt infinity?' and all that jazz. after clicking on it, it gave me my new speeds it had actually gotten worse from my original speeds.


It predicted that i would get:

29Mb/s and your upload speed will now be 5Mb/s


when at the moment i have 30+Mb/s and 7+Mb/s


my question is should i take the plunge and get Infinity 2 and hope the the connection would get better?

(when the engineer came round he said i live in a great spot (Sheffield)

am i right in thinking that Infinity 2 isn't in my area yet?


I would like to upgrade because i like to have the most up to date things + i upload to YouTube and livestream a lot so i need as much upload as i can get!!



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Re: The Upgrade To Infinity 2

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infinity 2 is UK wide already i would be tempted to say stay as you are
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Re: The Upgrade To Infinity 2

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You'll not see an increase, don't bother.
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