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The contact list

Hi All, Firstly apologies in advance for what may seem a vague question regarding CONTACTS, but as my user name suggests ,  I am not tech savvy.

Recently noticed my contact list on web page had been dramatically reduced, meaning when sending e mails I am unable to click the "TO" box and pick e mail addresses of recipients.  However, I have discovered on the right side of page there is a "contacts" tab revealing all my contacts.  The problem, apart from the obvious, is that because in some cases I have included telephone numbers, these appear instead of e mail addrersses.

Looking through this site it seems the problem may be to do with the so called updates, but I cannot a solution to my issue.   I might also add the scaled down contact list does not have provision to add or delete contacts.

Please could someone shed some light on the problem.

Thank you for reading.



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