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The new BT home page.

Hi Everyone.

We have been reading your comments with regards to the new email facility and the new BT home page, we would like to address a few of your points below.

The New Home Page

The new home page on has been designed to be different to the BT Yahoo portal and so doesn't offer the same features as its predecessor. We are continuing to develop and optimise the new home page but BT won’t be offering the same customisation ability to as you previously had with BT Yahoo.

Like the BT Yahoo portal, carries advertising from third parties. This enables BT to provide a range of content and services for free.

It's not possible to switch off adverts on, but on some of the adverts you will see an "Ad Choices" link which explains how to manage your advertising settings online.

BT Yahoo/BT Mail

As part of the plan to bring all BT services into one place, we've now removed the BT Yahoo login page and replaced it with our new site. If you try to get to your BT Yahoo Mail service using old bookmarks or by typing a BT Yahoo web address, you'll get automatically redirected to You can log in to your email using the email link on the main navigation bar.

One of the issues that many of you have flagged is the log in process and having to do this every time you want to check your mail, we fully appreciate how inconvenient this is but currently for customers still on the BT yahoo service it is not possible for to 'remember' your email log in details.  Once you have been migrated to the new BT Mail service the extended log in feature will be available, we are very sorry for the inconvenience. In the meantime, to make things quicker you could choose for your web browser (for example, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox) to ‘remember’ your username and password.

On the old BT Yahoo homepage, you were able to see a preview of your email inbox and a count on unread emails. Unfortunately it is not technically possible for BT to replicate this on for BT Yahoo Mail. However as soon as we move you across to BT Mail, we expect to be able to offer users this feature on the Homepage

Many of you have asked about disposable email addresses and whether you’ll be able to keep these.  It won't be possible to move your existing ones from BT Yahoo over but we will be giving customers the functionality to create up to 200 disposable email addresses with the new BT Mail service, this is not currently available on the BT Mail service but we are looking to implement this in the coming months.

For customers that have DEA’s we'll get in touch nearer the time to let you know what to do.

We appreciate your patience and understanding while we work through this transition period

Over the coming weeks, we'll be letting you know what else you'll need to do as part of the move to BT Mail. In the meantime please go to for more information.